Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance: They Write the Songs

Music is often claimed to be the International language, and in many countries there are certain stand out song writing duos that make a mark both on the music business as well as their nation. Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance did just that for Canada.

Bryan Adams met Jim Vallance when Adams was 18 years old and was leaving his band, Sweeney Todd to embark on a solo career. Vallance too was somewhat disenchanted with his band Prism, and the two began writing songs together. When Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance first wrote songs for Adams' first solo albums, the self titled "Bryan Adams" and "You Want it You Got It," the results were somewhat lackluster.Check out this link here. However, since Adams put a great deal of effort into touring he gained enough momentum to warrant another try.

When Bryan Adams released his next two albums, "Cuts Like a Knife" and "Reckless" the music world really began to take note of this songwriting pair. Hits recorded by Bryan Adams, and written by the duo included, Cuts Like a Knife, Heaven, Summer of '69 and more. Soon other artists wanted to record songs written by the Vancouver songwriters, and acts such as Bonnie Rait, Paul Dean, and Kiss all enlisted their talents.

Not only were Bryan Adams' and Jim Vallance's talents appreciated by their musician peers as well as their growing public fanbase, the two soon began taking home awards in recognition of their accomplishments in songwriting. IN 1984 and 1985 the two were awarded Juno Awards for Composer of the Year , and in 1985 they also won PRO Canada's William Harold Moon Award for international achievement.

Although Vallance and Adams are not in the limelight as much these days, it is clear that they have made a significant mark on the Canadian music scene, and will go down as two of the best Canadian songwriters in modern history.

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